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E-mundi holds events since 2013 together with dozens of big newspapers and newsportals from all over the country.

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The first “National Editors’ Meeting” gathered executive editors from our portfolio at the Royal Tulip Hotelon October 30thand 31st, 2013. For this occasion, four authorities from the Federal Government were invited to debate about “Infrastructure for the World Cup”. Those participants were Ministers Moreira Franco (Civil Aviation/Airports), Aguinaldo Ribeiro (Cities/Urban Mobility), Manoel Dias (Work/Job Creation) e Flávio Dino (Embratur/Tourist Attraction). Marcelo Crivella (Fisheries), who was Minister at that time, was the guest of honor and the ex-APO Marcio Fortes the honoree.


In March 2014, we hosted the first “National Brazilian Fish Seminar – a great deal” in the same hotel, in partnership with the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquiculture, in which portfolio directors presented programs and unprecedented work on public management policies.


The topic “Natural Environment and Sustainable Actions” was debated during the 3rd in August 2015, at the Kubitschek Plaza Hotel, with the presence of the then Minister Izabella Teixeira, directors form the National Forest Secretariat and partner companies, such as GOL Linhas Aéreas and the Bank of Brazil, which presented their sustainable actions.


From June 6th to 8th2016, we promoted the fourth encounter, first one outside of Brasília, in Río de Janeiro. For three days we had a programme with debates about the Olympic Games, with presentations from the city mayor Eduardo Paes, the Sports Secretary of the State of Rio de Janeiro Marco Antônio Cabral, Brazilian Correios logistics vice-president José Furian, and Federal Police Deputy Association President Dr. Carlos Sobral. Including visits to the Olympic Village and the Museum of Tomorrow (Museu do Amanhã) as well.


The first event press-trip was the theme for the fifth edition, held from 15 to 18 of September 2016 in the beautiful colonial city of Pirenópolis, in the heart of the state of Goiás. Journalists of the areas of Culture and Tourism from 13 newspapers and 10 capital cities, honored the invited newspapers; O Globo, Folha de São Paulo and O Estado de São Paulo being among them.


The sixth gathered editors and sports reporters of 34 newspapers from all the 27 capitals, from December 12thto 14th, at the Cecília Meireles Room in Rio de Janeiro’s Lapa neighborhood. 55/Rio Hotel was our host and the program included presentations from the Minister of Sports, Leonardo Picciani, the workforce director from Brazilian Correios for the 2016 Olympics, Carlos Henrique de Luca, as well as conversations with sveral athletes such as Poliana Okimoto (marathon swimming), Luiz Altamir (swimming), Rafaela Silva (judo), Martine &Kahena (sailing) and Adriana Samuel (beach volley World Champion and Olympic medalist).


The seventh edition took place from July 25th to 27th 2017, in Porto Alegre at the NOVOTEL Três Figueiras, “Export and Investment Attraction” being the subject-matter. Journalists representing 35 newspapers and portals from the South and Southeast regions participated in the event, specially newspapers from main cities from the interior with a vocation for export. With the sponsorship of Apex Brasil, Landis and Hostnet, it offered talks from the ambassador Roberto Jaguaribe, the president of Apex and its team. It also hosted talks from Kauê Linden – regarding the case of Hostnet and its expantion – and Columbia professor, Marcos Troyjo.


“Challenges in the Amazon Region”, “sustainable forest management”, “the concept of progress with standing forest” and “the economical/environmental sustainability of streams” were the topics at the 8th event taking place between August 18th and 20th 2017 in Manaus. We sailed up to 300km along the Rio Negro and Amazonas rivers inside the forest in order to learn about ecological examples. We visited communities that live from craftmanship (in one of them, in Acajatuba; we also visited a logging company and met craftspeople and people who had participated in logging activities but now make a living out of tourism only. This edition was sponsored by Brazilian Correios, Souza Cruz, Landis, Amazonastur and counted on the support of Caesar Business Manaus and Kubitschek Plaza Brasília. Folha de São Paulo, Estadão, Deuscht Welle (Germany), Diário da Amazônia (Roraima), Jornal do Tocantins (Palmas), Diário do Pará (Belém), A Crítica (Manaus), TV Globo Amazonas and Jornal Em Tempo (Manaus), were among the vehicles that took part.


We brought back the topic of “Export and Investment Attraction” in Salvador, from August 23rd and 24th 2017, this time with the participation of the 25 largest newspapers from the 9 states in the Northeast region. Having talks from APEX Brasil president, Roberto Jaguaribe ambassador and technicians from the agency, as well as businesspeople and authorities from the capital of Bahia, this edition was sponsored by APEX, Landis, FAEB, Hostnet. It also had the support from Salvador Destination and Salvador’s Town Hall, Tuiuiú and Sheraton da Bahia and finally, it had Tribuna da Bahia as media partner.


The 10th was held November 8th and 9th 2017 in Brasília, with the subject “Sports Support Programs”, with the participation of journalists from the sports sector of 18 vehicles. The Sports Minister Leonardo Picciani, portfolio directors and MMA wrestlers Pedro Rizzo – regarding the project Usina de Campeções – and Poliana Botelho were the keynote speakers.


The Legacy of the Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro and the protagonism of AGLO (Governance Authority for the Olympic Legacy) were the topics for the 11th ENECOB, in a seminar that took place February 28th 2018 in the Parque da Barra facilities. There was a talk from the AGLO president, Paulo Márcio Dias Mello, and guided tour around the main arenas. This edition had the support of AGLO, the Ministry of Sports, Landis Group, Hostnet, TuiuiúComunicação, Kubitschek Plaza Brasília and 55 Rio Hotel, our accommodation host in the neighborhood of Lapa.


It was the first international event in our portfolio, with the addition of large newspapers from the Mercosul countries. We hosted 30 newspapers from Brasil and others from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. It was held in Foz de Iguaçu from April 15th to 17th 2018, with the topic “Illegal market – The transnational crime of the southern cone”. Specialists from the US, Brasil, Argentina and Chile participated in the debates, among them were the following: Douglas Farah, ex-correspondent from the Washington Post for Central America, and Vanessa Neumann, who is based in Washington and specialized in smuggling and terrorism crimes.


We went back to the Rio Negro river sailing up to the Anavilhanas archipelago from November 10th to 11th 2018. That was the 13th event and the 2nd e-latino. We visited the Tumbira and Três Unidos communities and the Iluminado beach, beautiful river landscape. The theme, this time, was “Economic Alternatives for the Amazon Forest” and counted on several journalists from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. This event´s keynote speaker was the North American biologist Philip Fearnside, one of the 2007 Peace Nobel Prize winners.


The 14th got several journalists involved from 23 different vehicles of Brasília and other capital cities in order to debate on “Health – the challenge of public attendance for Brazilians”. This was hosted in partnership with the Health Ministry and the Hospital Sírio e Libanês, on December 9th and 10th, at the Brasília Palace.


The 15th edition was a wonderful two-day tour of the largest open-air museum in the world, the Inhotim Institute, in the Serra de Brumadinho (MG). We took 10 guest newspapers and portals, including UOL, Metrópoles and iG. The press trip took place at the same time as the Fartura Gastronomy Festival, which we honored at the venue, and we were sponsored by Gasmig, Cemig and Tecnobank.


Our 16th edition was wonderful, in a paradisiacal place. The beach town of Caraíva, south of the resort of Trancoso, both districts of Porto Seguro (BA). We gathered journalists from press vehicles from 6 countries (Brazil, France, Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico) in 3 days of trip with intense programming, a mix of contemplation of the exuberant nature, in the meeting of river and sea, with anthropology (we visited Porto do Boi Village, from the original Pataxó people), living with natives of the village and knowledge of colonial and bucolic architecture.


Pasear por las históricas callejuelas y calles de São João del Rei y Tiradentes, en Minas Gerais, y descubrir lo mejor de su premiada gastronomía fueron los temas de la 17ª edición con un viaje de prensa con periodistas de los principales portales y diarios de Brasil. Uruguay, Portugal y Chile. Esta edición se dividió en dos fases: en octubre y la siguiente en febrero de 2024.